We value our role as trusted advisor – a role earned by personally participating in your business, by taking on your projects as our own, and by serving as members of your intimate team.

RJA provides a full range of integrated services. We can guide your project from concept to completion – or from any entry point forward.

Do you need Urban Design and Land Planning? RJA can provide the creative planning to support you in realizing your vision.

Are you ready to secure Entitlements? RJA can be your navigator through the process.

Is your project ready for Civil Engineering/ Infrastructure? RJA will deliver sensitive, constructible, engineered plans – intelligently and quickly.

Does your project require mapping, boundary, right-of-way or topographic Surveys? RJA delivers reliable surveys that provide a solid foundation for your project.

Where do you turn to for your Construction Staking needs? RJA is equipped with powerful technology and sound survey practices to meet your project needs in “real time.”